Oslo: More Than Just A Maritime History

You could say that I didn’t explore Oslo that much. I stayed here just to make it as a starting point of Norway in a Nutshell tour. So I only did some sightseeing and visited some museums. If you have one day in Oslo like me, there’re two options:

Bisa dibilang saya gak terlalu banyak jelajah Oslo, karena niat utama cuma buat jadi titik mulai Norway in a Nutshell tour. Jadi yaa sekedar liat-liat dan ke beberapa museum aja. Kalo punya waktu satu hari di Oslo kayak saya, ada dua pilihan:

  1. Oslo Pass (24 hrs, 395 Nok): all public transport + most of the museums
  2. Travel Card (24 hrs, 90 Nok): all public transport in Zona 1.

I think Oslo Pass is worth the price if you want to visit a lot of museums. I didn’t. I only wanted to visit some, so a Travel Card was enough for me. You can buy the ticket nearby the central station. If you want to buy a single ticket (valid for 1 hour), it’ll cost you 30 Nok. All places I mentioned below are accessible by Bus No.30 .

Menurut saya Oslo Pass layak dibeli kalo emang mau datengin banyak museum. Tapi saya gak mau, cuma mau ke beberapa museum aja. Jadi cukup beli Travel Card aja di deket central station, karena kalo beli satu kali jalan harganya 30 Nok (berlaku selama 1 jam). Ohiya, semua tempat dibawah ini bisa akses dengan Bus No.30 .

Oslo Opera House

Vigeland Sculpture Park

A typical tourist sights. It’s the world’s largest sculpture park, with more than 200 sculptures, made by a single artist, Gustav Vigeland.

Vigeland Sculpture Park merupakan taman sculpture terbesar di dunia dengan jumlah lebih dari 200 sculptures yang dibuat oleh satu orang seniman, Gustav Vigeland. 




The sculptures are just……”weird”. The more I tried to understand, the more confused I got. I just didn’t get the meaning of most of the sculptures, but well, that’s art. But it’s a nice park tho.

Bentukan sculpturenya cukup “ajaib”, dan entah level karya seninya yang terlalu tinggi atau emang otak saya yang gak nyampe, saya gak nangkep esensi dari kebanyakan sculptures hahaha. . Tapi taman ini bagus dan sayang untuk dilewatin.


To get here, you can either take Tram 12 from City Hall, or Bus No.30 with a 10 minute walk. Then back to harbour with Tram 12 and change to Bus No.30 to continue the journey.

Kalo gak mau banyak jalan, dari City Hall bisa ambil Tram 12, karena kalo naik Bus No.30 harus jalan sekitar 10 menit. Lalu balik lagi ke harbour dengan Tram 12, abis itu baru ganti Bus No.30 untuk lanjut ke tempat berikutnya.



Viking Ship Museum

Next stop is Viking Ship Museum! The museum displays three viking ships from different times of the Viking age. The most significant ship at the museum is the Oseberg Ship from the 9th century, which was used as ship burial. When it was found in 1904, they also found two female skeletons.

Selanjutnya saya ke Viking Ship Museum! Disini dikasih liat 3 kapal viking dari era viking yang berbeda-beda. Kapal yang paling signifikan di museum ini adalah Kapal Oseberg dari abad ke-9, yang digunakan sebagai kapal penguburan. Diceritain juga kalo pas kapal ini ditemuin di tahun 1904, masih ada tulang-tulang dari dua wanita yang sewaktu meninggal ditaro di kapal ini.

Fram Museum

My favourite museum in Oslo! The museum is about expeditions to North Pole and South Pole – when there was no ice-breaker ship that they skied or set out dogs sledges in the middle of expedition, until planes or airships were used; when expedition took several years to be done, until it took only several weeks.

Museum favorit saya di Oslo! Isinya tentang ekspedisi ke Kutub Utara dan Kutub Selatan – mulai dari sebelum ada kapal ice-breaker dan ditengah perjalanan harus skii atau pake kereta ajing, sampe akhirnya ekspedisi pake pesawat; mulai dari sekali ekspedisi butuh bertahun-tahun, sampe akhirnya cuman butuh beberapa minggu. 


And not just about history, they also show some current issues such as oil & gas exploration and ice melting. Make sure not to miss a film about polar introduction every 15 minutes. It’s a great and informative museum indeed!

Dan gak cuma mengenai sejarah, mereka juga jelasin mengenai current issues e.g. oil and gas exploration dan ice melting. Ada juga film mengenai polar introduction yang diputer tiap 15 menit sekali. It’s a great and informative museum indeed!




Norwegian Maritime Museum & Kon-Tiki Museum

Both of these museums are located right in front of Fram Museum. If you are interested in shipping, fishing, or marine achaeology; then Norwegian Maritime Museum is a place for you. They will also show you a film about Norwegian Coastline every hour. If you are not that into these topics, it’s better for you to visit Kon-Tiki Museum.

Kedua museum ini letaknya tepat didepan Fram Museum. Kalo tertarik dengan shipping, fishing, atau marine archaeology bisa mampir di Norwegian Maritime Museum. Mereka juga muterin film tiap jam tentang Norwegian coastline. Kalo kurang tertarik dengan hal ini, better ke Kon-Tiki Museum di seberang.


Kon-Tiki Museum is about Thor Heyerdahl who crossed the Pacific Ocean on a small balsawood raft called Kon-Tiki. The museum contains all original rafts, boats & utensils of Thor. During the expedition, he made a documentary, which then won the Academy Award in 1951. You can watch this Oscar-winning film every day at 12.00.

Kon-Tiki Museum menceritakan tentang Thor Heyerdahl, Norwegian adventurer, yang nyebrangin Samudera Pasifik dengan perahu rakit yang terbuat dari kayu balsa dan dinamain Kon-Tiki. Dalam perjalanannya, Thor Heyerdahl bikin film dokumentasi yang pada tahun 1951 dapet Academy Award untuk Best Documentary. Film ini diputer di museum tiap jam 12 siang setiap harinya.

Note: you will get a discounted price if you buy two or three tickets altogether (Fram, Maritime and/or Kon-Tiki)

Note: ada diskon kalo beli tiket untuk dua atau tiga museum sekaligus (Fram, Maritime dan/atau Kon-Tiki)

Chill & Enjoy a Whale Meat

There was a volley ball match near the central station, so I just sit down and enjoy!

Setelah puas ngunjungin museum, saya balik lagi ke area central station, ternyata lagi ada pertandingan bola voli! Akhirnya saya asal ikutan nonton sambil istirahat setelah seharian kesana-kemari.


Setelah puas duduk-duduk, it’s time for early dinner and… Well, I must admit that eating whale meat is NOT a culture in any Scandinavian country. And for some reasons, some people even discourage the habit of eating whale. But, as a tourist, I was thinking about “this might be my only chance to eat this thing” hahaha <- not a good example of tourist. For those who ar

Sebelum balik ke penginapan, saya memutuskan untuk makan malam dulu. Dan harus diakui, mengonsumsi daging ikan paus bukan kebudayaan dari negara-negara skandinavia. Bahkan sebagian orang gak nganjurin untuk bikin itu jadi kebiasaan. Tapi yaaa namanya juga turis, mikirnya “kapan lagi nyobain ikan paus?” Hahaha <- contoh turus yang gak harus dicontoh.

Akershus Fortress

This place is a nice place to walk around on historical grounds. Nearby, there’s a Norwegian resistance during the occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany from 1940 to 1945.

Sebelum balik ke penginapan, saya ke Akershus Fortress. Tempat ini cukup bagus untuk sekedar jalan dan liat-liat bangunan medieval. 

I went up here quite late, but then I realised that it has a corner with wonderful view facing the harbour! I decided to watch the sunset first before heading back to the city.

Kebetulan saya datang kesini agak sore, tapi kemudian saya sadar ternyata ada semacam tebing yang menghadap pelabuhan dan itu bagus banget! Saya memutuskan untuk duduk dan menikmati sunset dulu sebelum akhirnya balik ke penginapan.


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