Winterfell & South of Belfast

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To start with, they will drive you nearby a GIANT building: Titanic Studio, in which once used for the painting of ship parts, and now the official home of the Game of Thrones production. It’s where the Iron Throne is! Next, we took a ferry from Portaferry to Strangford, across the mouth of Strangford Lough.

Tour dimulai dari city centre sambil ngelewatin bangunan guedee banget: Titanic Studio, dulunya dipake untuk ngecat kapal (kebayang dong segede apa), dan sekarang jadi studio Game of Thrones. Dan didalemnya ada Iron Throne! Terus lanjut naik ferry dari Portaferry ke Strangford, ngelewatin Strangford Lough.

Castle Ward – Winterfell

The first stop is the 16th century castle which is used as the exterior courtyard of Winterfell! Although the castle itself isn’t really looked like Winterfell, there are some spots of the filming locations around. If you come here on your own, there is a £7 admission fee.

Pemberhentian pertama adalah si kastil abad ke-16 yang digunakan sebagai halaman luar Winterfell! Walaupun keliatannya gak terlalu mirip, tapi disekitarnya bayak spot yang digunain sebagai lokasi syuting. Kalo dateng kesini gak pake tour, ada biaya masuk £7.


If you prefer, there’s also an Archery Tour, where you can enter the archery range movie set, dress up in Stark costume, and of course, shoot some arrows. Note that this is a different type of tour than the one I took.

Sebagai tambahan, terdapat juga pilihan Archery Tour, dengan privilege bisa masuk ke archery range movie set, pake kostum Stark, dan diajarin memanah. Perlu diingat Archery Tour ini berbeda dengan yang saya ambil, jadi kalo emang mau, dari awal harus ambil jenis tour yang berbeda juga. 



Within a few minutes walking, there’s a memorable path where Jamie Lannister and Briene of Tarth leaving Robb’s camp on their way to Kings Landing.

Jalan dikit dari Castle Ward, akan ada jalanan yang dilewatin Jamie Lannister dan Brienne of Tarth dari Robb’s camp menuju ke King’s Landing.

Audley’s Castle – Robb Stark’s Camp

Nearby, there’s a 15th century Audley’s Castle, one of the Walder Frey’s Twins and the location of Robb’s Camp in the Riverlands. It is, of course, where the infamous Red Wedding takes place.

Gak jauh dari sana juga ada Audley’s Castle dari abad ke-15, salah satuWalder Frey’s Twins dan lokasi Robb’s camp di Riverlands. Daaan disinilah TKP nya Red Wedding.




Inch Abbey – King in the North

It is a large 12th century ruined monastic site where Catelyn and Robb hear the news of Eddard Stark’s death, and Robb was pledge as the ‘King in the North’.

Dari sana kita lanjut ke Inch Abbey, reruntuhan dari bangunan abad ke-12, dimana Catelyn dan Robb tau kalo Eddard Stark sudah lewat, dan akhirnya Robb dijadiin ‘The King in the North’.


The tour guide also gave us Northern cloaks and Stark shields, helms and swords to get fully immersed in the mood of the North.

Si tour guide juga kasih kita jubah, shields, helm dan pedang Stark biar lebih berasa gitu kalo lagi di “the North”.


Tollymore – the Haunted Forest

This Ireland’s oldest pine forest was used as for some of the most notable scenes of the season 1, including the bridge where the Starks discover a dead direwolf and her pups, the White Walker ambush and the findings of dismembered bodies in the snow. There’s an admission of £4.5 for a car.

Tollymore ini merupakan hutan pinus tertua di Ireland dan banyak dipake untuk beberapa scene penting di Season 1, termasuk pas Starks nemuin direwolf dan sewaktu White Walker nyerang orang di episode pertama banget. Ohiya ada biaya £4,5 per mobil kalo misalnya nyetir sendiri.


The tour guide also told us about the preparation of GoT crews for the filming. It’s amazing to know how the crews covered the forest with artificial snow for TEN WEEKS, just to shoot the first few minutes of the first GoT episode.

Si tour guide juga ceritain tentang gimana persiapan kru-kru GoT dalam ngebuat film ini. Salah satu yang paling ‘wah’ menurut saya adalah gimana proses mereka nutupin hutan ini dengan salju yang makan waktu sampe sepuluh minggu! Cuman untuk scene beberapa menit pertama di episode 1 GoT. 

IMG_5953Not to mention there was no CGI in the dead direwolf scene (apart from the dead animals, I guess). The crews only added a small wooden cross and disassembled it after the filming.

Mereka bahkan gak pake CGI di adegan pas ada direwolf mati (selain mayat binatangnya ya). Mereka cuma nambahin jembatan kayu kecil yang akhirnya dibongkar lagi setelah syuting.



On our way home, we were introduced to the real Dire Wolf pups, Thor and Odin, a.k.a SUMMER & GREY!! It’s funny to know that Sansa actually adopted her direwolf, Lady, in real-life after its death in the film. And of course, as you can see from their appearance, these men were also extras.

Dalam perjalanan pulang, kami mampir disatu tempat dan ketemu real-life anjing yang jadi “direwolf”, Thor dan Odin, a.k.a SUMMER & GREY !! Saya baru tau ternyata si Sansa mengadopsi direwolf-nya dia, Lady, setelah si anjing “mati” di film. Dan, bisa ketebak dari perawakan si empunya anjing, mereka ternyata juga pemain tambahan di GoT.


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